Hella useful origami

Learn to make an origami box and never rely on anyone again

(No but really I promise it will come in handy one day)

igsbox.pngI learned how to make origami envelopes and boxes when I was in elementary school (somehow cranes didn’t really stick). In class today, I was thinking about how useful it has been to be able to make these little containers whenever I need them, and how often I’ve whipped them up for different reasons over the years (this time I needed something to put my pistachio shells in while I snacked- they couldn’t go back in the same bag!). Take a look at my adorable model, Igby, eating his cat food out of a sturdy, newly folded origami box (I don’t think he enjoyed me shoving this box in his face for the picture). I hope Igby the cat is enough inspiration for you to learn how to make these (they are really easy!). Don’t be hella lame, make a box.

Hella useful box

Steps 1-4: Get yo square and fold a bunch of teeny triangles!


The box starts really simple: fold your paper in half along both axes and unfold to get 4 smaller squares (2). Start to fold the triangles towards the center (3) until you have all four triangles folded inwards (4).

Steps 5-8: Fold inwards to create creases and unfold


Fold the right (5) and left (6) sides in towards the middle and unfold (7). Unfold the left and right corners (8).

Steps 9-12: Foldin’ and creasin’


Fold the bottom (9) and the top (10) to meet in the middle. Fold the left side up and the right side down, the creases are already there (11). Unfold and fold the left side down and the right side up, the creases are already there (12).

Steps 13-16:Unfold and refold into a box!


Open up the top and bottom, and unfold both corners leaving the base in tact (13). Bring up the left side, folding the side corner inwards (14). Line the tip up with the base of the box and crease down the corner (15). Bring up the right side, folding the corner inwards, and crease (16). You now have a box and you can do whatever you want with it!

Hella useful cup/envelope

Steps 1-4: Get yo square and make some triangles


To start, you need a square piece of paper. Fold the paper along the diagonal (2) and then fold in the right corner, meeting the edge of the other side (3). Fold the left corner over to the right side, as you did in the previous step (4).

Steps 5-8: Keep on folding!


Fold the top flap down (5), flip the whole thing over (6), and fold the top flap down again (7). You can even flip the extra top fold in on the same side and close your envelope (8) so you can stuff goodies inside! Seal with a sticker! I’ve used these envelopes for too many things… like when a friend broke her necklace when we were out and needed a place to put it so it would be safe when we were at the bars!