Solo Traveling

There are so many amazing travel blogs out there (especially for solo women travelers!), so I’m just going to say a bit of my own stuff and then direct you guys to some great resources.
Something I would like to say about solo travel is it allowed me to embrace my strengths. Some of us are lucky enough to grow up with our parents constantly listing some of our positive (and negative!) traits. Throughout our young adult lives, our friends and bosses and mentors have told us traits that have stood out to them. I think this (at least for me) was often met with “aww, shucks, nooo, you’re so nice to say that” etc. My first backpacking trip to New Zealand taught me that dirty, frizzy-haired, bare-faced Sangeeta can make friends with anyone. Friendship and human connection was never about my straightened hair or obsession with winged liquid eyeliner. Fast forward to my solo trip to Croatia….. When people who know nothing about you say things that other people have been telling you for years, you start to embrace those strengths (and weaknesses) that you have.
“I control how I interact with people, the outlook I carry with me, the opinions I share, my thoughts and feelings. I can change if I want. I can make choices and decisions for myself. And whatever I do will always matter.” 
“Transient relationships […] are the relationships in which we learn about ourselves – our ticks, our issues, our strengths – and how we relate to others, thus readying and bettering us for the more permanent of relationships we have.” 
Reminds me of Aziz in Modern Romance:
“There’s something uniquely valuable in everyone, and we’ll be much happier and better off if we invest the time and energy it takes to find it.”