Ladies Speak on Culture & Identity

Mashup Americans:

Amy Choi and Rebecca Lehrer talk culture, identity, and what makes us who we are in this Mash-Up America we live in. Watch their cute, informative, and inspiring intro video here.
“Sometimes we return to our roots, and sometimes we plant new seeds in unexpected places. We think hard about how to name our children and what it will mean to them to be half, and if that will be enough. We love music and books and bringing them all together.”
3 starter recommendations:
  1. Alan Yang, Master of Lots (Episode 12)texty text text
  2.  Sex, Relationships, and Asian Daters (Episode 28): texty text text
  3. Hassan Minhaj on The American Dream Tax (Episode 29)texty text text


Tricia Bobeda and Greta Johnsen fully embrace their lady-nerd selves in this podcast out of WBEZ Chicago, and topics range from feminism, politics, and race, to math and science, to Game of Thrones.

“Interviews with your favorite authors, artists, astronauts and more. Because everybody is a little nerdy about something.”

Strong Opinions Loosely Held:

This podcast hosted by Refinery 29’s executive producer, Elisa Kreisinger, aims to explore the “mysteries of our modern popular culture” with smart women in these quick, easy to digest, 10-20 minute long episodes. The name of the podcast represents Kreisinger’s (and most modern womens) experience of “having strong opinions on pop culture, but then trying to keep [personal] judgment in check.” Learn more about the podcast in an interview with Kreisinger here.

“Do hashtags reflect something deeper in contemporary culture? Why is there pressure for young women to be effortlessly perfect? Is there a correlation between how good you look on Instagram and how miserable you feel? Can marriage be a radical, feminist act? Why is everyone in my feed sharing feel-good, tearjerker stories? If a woman is saying something intelligent and all you hear is the way it’s being said, is that her problem or yours?”

3 starter recommendations:

  1. Instagram Insecurities (5/17/16): What’s up with Instagram? Portraying a version of yourself that has it all together and where no one sees you sweat? Journalist Hannah Seligson and Stone Fox Bride founder Molly Guy discuss why are our Instagram feeds filled with images of “date nights, engagement rings, cat eyes, cupcakes, and waist-trainers.” Historically, there has been pressure on women to measure up to some sort of image, but now there are so many images of perfection that feed into our lives at any given moment through a bombardment of images on social media. That can be so stressful! And what does it all mean? Molly Guy thinks we need to reframe how we look at marriage. We often talk about what we want in our wedding, but not what we want in our marriage 10 years from now. We tend to see weddings as “you have arrived,” but marriage is hard work. “The wedding is fizzy pink drinks and fireworks, and marriage is dirty laundry and bills prescriptions and hard conversations. The flaw in the system is the happily ever after.” This is my number one recommendation for my millennial lady friends. Molly Guy is blunt and hilarious, and I loved her comment that “few things are more radical than committing to true love; true love is a proclamation of vulnerability.” Which I believe it is. That’s badass. Warning, she curses a lot, but it’s fantastic.
  2. Just Shut Up  (5/25/16):
  3. The Kardashian Industrial Komplex  (5/9/16):