NPR One & Fav Podcasts

Lady Voices on Culture & Identity

  • The Mashup Americans, KPCC
  • Nerdette, WBEZ
  • Strong Opinions Loosely Held, Refinery 29

Race, Identity, & Politics

  • Code Switch, NPR
  • NPR Politics Podcast, NPR

Science and Technology

  • TED Radio Hour, NPR
  • RadioLab
  • Invisibilia, NPR
  • Brain Science Podcast

Other podcasts that are just damn interesting

  • The Specialist
  • Serial

NPR One:

tumblr_n9ozw3srxh1sg6x7fo8_500I’m not really a radio listener, so having the NPR One application for my smartphone has been a really convenient way to keep updated with local, national, and international news. The NPR One app for your smartphone is an algorithmic based app that takes your “likes” into consideration when selecting the next segment (think Pandora or Google Play Music, but for NPR and a wide array of podcasts). I roll out of bed, open my NPR One app, press play, and begin my day. The app connects to your local radio station (so you can still get local news when you’re traveling!), and will guide you through exploring tons of new podcasts (which you can simply skip past if they are not for you!). The app also makes it really easy to search for new episodes if you don’t subscribe and have them sync with your device. Without NPR One, I wouldn’t have discovered more than half of the podcasts listed here.

I selected 3 episodes for each podcast that I thought represents a range of what I’ve listened to, and wrote a brief description to get you started. There was a lot of content for one page, so I split them up based on general themes you may find interesting.