Beer tho

Cicerone Certification Program:

Did you love craft beer but basically just drink it? Did know you could be extra bougie and get certified through the Cicerone Certification Program at four levels to be a Certified Beer Server, or a Certified, Advanced, or Master Cicerone? Well, you can, and I’m thinking about doing it over the summer to achieve the prestigious title of Level 1: Certified Beer Server.

Why do this if you have no business in a beer/service industry? I personally think science is really cool (and if you’re reading my blog, you probably do, too) and I think the science of making beer is pretty fascinating (and I don’t know too much about it). The Cicerone program offers a range of resources to help prepare for the exam, which include detailed course books that review overall brewing processes, different chemical properties of the beer, and the way this impacts flavor and type. I think it would be really fun to get together with some of my craft beer drinking nerd friends and hit the books hard some time over the summer, also taking time to understand and describe complex flavor profiles of different beers. They offer in-person classes if you are not a self-studier (costs money), but I don’t see that as a feasible option if you’re just trying to get to Level 1 for funsies, like me. The actual exam for the certification does cost money, $69, which is kind of steep for a certificate that I will never use or apply in my daily life… but I am still kind of down to have fun with it, splurge a little on the test, and get a cool piece of paper (hey and maybe it will be useful if a career in academia doesn’t pan out, hahahahhaah).

Home Brewing:

Not something I have personally done, yet, but I am quite interested! I have a couple friends (ahem, Anthoni, Lacy…) who may be down to write a bit about this. Or maybe I’ll try my hand at it and report back here… 🙂