This is literally just a website for me to share stuff that inspires me with my friends. Things that I have read, listened to, stumbled upon, interacted with… whatever I feel like sharing. Please share your things too! I want this to be a place to discover cool, new stuff with brief descriptions and links. If you’re interested in contributing a page on an interesting topic (ahem ahem podcasts, anyone? Malin??), please let me know!

Note: this is not a place for me to get all stoked about writing and reviewing stuff. I don’t care to review stuff, I just want to pass it on to my friends! Often times I’ll write a brief blurb about why I think it’s cool and why you should be interested in whatever it is, but I’ll also include actual quotes from the official page (because whoever they are, they’re better writers than me!). If I took time to write proper reviews for everything I want to share, I’d never be able to post all the interesting content I want to direct y’all to!

This one time I went skydiving (you’re welcome)