Prague: Kaleidoscope Cinema and Mirror Maze

I wasn’t in a great mood when I stumbled on the Kaleidoscope Cinema and Mirror Maze. It was raining, and I had just left a tour group upset because an obnoxious guest was unbearably misogynistic (“It’s amazing how if you get a second wife, the first one immediately gets back into shape!”). Wandering around Prague with a hot mulled wine to keep me warm, I looked up and saw the colorful signs for the exhibit. I think it was around 6 Euro to get in, and I made the decision in a heartbeat.

Mirror Maze

The mirror maze creates an effect of endless corridors by strategically placing tall mirrors along a triangular grid (a little more for the interested reader on the architecture of such design). It was disorienting to be confined in a space and not sure which direction to go.I also bumped into myself in many mirrors, apologizing to myself every time. What really struck me about the mirror maze was the connection I felt with other people trying to solve it. There were many instances where I would try to scooch past a stranger, but it was their reflection, and we would all burst out laughing. Half way through the maze, it was impossible not to have a smile plastered on my face, weaving in and out of real and reflection people, saying hello to people in mirrors without realizing it wasn’t them.


Look how much fun I am having

The Kaleidoscopic Cinema of Radúz Činčera


This was awesome.

Find more information here.


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